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Shiraz Driver Guide

Mr. Sahraiee

Here at IranTours Group we do our utmost to provide efficient and professional services to all sorts of travelers. Iran tours are all-inclusive packages designed for those who seek a relaxing journey without worrying about transport, accommodation, meals and etc. Transfer services on the other hand are ideal for those who are already acquainted with Iran tourist attractions and want to plan their own tours. A regular transfer generally means that you will be picked up in a pre-arranged spot and be dropped off at the site of a tourist attraction. Our transfer services however offer another great option free of charge and that is providing an English-speaking tour guide driver who have many other qualities besides good driving! Mr. Sahraiee, our Shiraz tour guide is one such versatile tour guide driver who specializes in providing transport for and organizing Shiraz tours.

Mr Sahraiee

Iran tour guide drivers are known for their professionalism. Mr. Sahraiee adds another aspect to it, and that is a wonderfully sociable character. He is very warm, helpful and sensitive to the needs of the travelers; qualities that have earned him the position of number-one service provider for Shiraz city tours. As you probably know Shiraz tourist attractions go far beyond its exquisite set of city sightseeing spots. Upon your request, Mr. Sahraiee is more than eager to show you the wonders around the city of Shiraz including: Persepolis, Pasargadae, Necropolis (naqsh-e rostam), Maharloo lake, Qalat village, Bishapur Ancient City, and the unblemished nature of Fars province where you will meet the famous Qashqai nomads. Apart from the above-mentioned services (included on the costs), Mr. Sahraiee can also organize the other aspects of your trip such as accommodation and daily meals. But you need to remember that these extra services aren’t included on the cost of your transport service. To make things easy for you here we have gathered all the information you will need on your choice of transfer services provided by Mr. Sahraiee plus their rates in Euro:

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